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"Awaken, My love. It is Time to Awaken"
Victoria Boyson

Beloved, I shared this vision with you several years ago and also in my book, His Passionate Pursuit, but this morning the Lord showed it too me again. He said, "This is where you [we] are now!" I was so excited, I decided to hold on to the word I was going to send out and send this instead. I especially love the ending of this vision, when the doves fly to the four corners of the earth.

My love and prayers to you all ~ Have a blessed Easter! In Him, Victoria

A Vision of the Bride
I saw a beautiful scene suddenly open up in my spirit of a peaceful garden filled with rest and serenity. Laying on a bed in the middle of the garden was a captivating young woman clothed as a bride. Her hair was long and thick in a mass of perfect curls spread around her face and shoulders like a dark amber cloud. Her head was adorned with a simple white garland of flowers seeming to belong to her like the thick tresses of her hair. She was absolutely the most beautiful bride I have ever seen - she took my breath away.




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God is abounding in His love for you and He wants you to receive it from Him no matter how you may have been treated by those professing to know Him. If they had truly known Him, they would have loved you. Indeed, you are the very apple of His eye. You are the sole purpose of Christ's death and resurrection. It was for you He died.

Please receive His gift of grace and allow Him to forgive you of your past and give you a fresh start for your future. This is what He wants to do for you. Don't deny Him the pleasure of touching your life today and making you brand new!

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Welcome, dear friends.

I'm so glad you visited my website today. I thoroughly hope you enjoy it and it feeds LIFE into your spirit.

It is my heart's desire that you know and understand the Father's love for you, and that you live in the freedom and authority that Jesus bought with His blood just for you.

You are precious to Him and so you're precious to us!



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