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A Door of Authority has
Opened in the Heavenlies
A Glimpse of Heaven
A Heart of Thanksgiving
A Word From Papa God:
I've Prepared This Hour For YOU!
An Expectant HOPE:
"Watch For Me to Release Myself!"
AWAKENING: The Deep Sleep, Chapter 1
Beware of the Political Spirit - It's a Snare!
Billy the Bully
"Charlie" - A Reflection of God's Grace and Love
Citizens of Heaven
Consider the Rock
David vs. Eliab
Don't Stop Now
Embracing the Fire of the Holy Spirit - A Vision
Encountering Darkness: A Vision - Time To Play!
Fields of Grace
For Such A Time As This
For Those Who Endure Slander:
God Honors the Faithful
Galatians 3:28 - Revival
God is Looking for You
God Is Releasing WOMEN
To Reap A Great Harvest Souls!
God Told Me To Share My Secret Weapon With You
God's American Dream
God Says, "America, Your Destiny Awaits!
Great Faith
Hannah's Destiny
Have You Forgotten Who You Are?
He Will Keep You
Heaven's Army
Heaven's Call to Awaken - A Vision
Heaven's Song
Hidden, but Not Forgotten
His Deliverance
Hope Builders: You are the Target of God's Love
Hope in Love
Houston's Rainbows: Victoria's Personal Testimonies
Concerning Hurricane Harvey
I Feel Like I Woke Up From a Nightmare,
but I Wasn't Asleep
I Love You Ferociously
Intercessors Advance to the Frontline:
Your Greatest Victories Are Ahead of You!
I Saw A Drum: "Lead the Nations to ME!"
I Saw an Army
I Say to You, Breathtaking Bride, Advance!
It will be Worth It
It's Time for Cinderella to GO to the Ball
It's Time to Rebel
Liberty to the Captives
Live In Wonder: We Are Entering
the Age of Wonderment
Look Beyond What You See:
We Are Entering the Days of Our Enemy's Terror!
Malachi's Challenge:
An Expression of Love
Not So With You: A Call for
Christlike Leadership
Partnering With The Holy Spirit Changes Everything!
Passionate Pursuit
Protect Your Soul From the
Destructive Forces of the Enemy!
Prisoners of Hope
Quest Unto Glory: Are You Ready?
Reclaim Your Destiny
Releasing God's Presence in Our Lives
Return of the Prodigals:  Our Father's Joy
Seventeen Years of Grace Beginning in 2017
She is Not Dead, but Asleep
Simply Love - Christmas in Heaven
Stephen's Heart
Straight Ahead
Stop and Wrestle
Stretch Out Your Hand
The Chapel: A Vision of Intercession
The Enemy's Curses Bring the Blessings of God
The Eye of the Tiger
The Father Loves to Provide for YOU!
The Gate to Your Heart
The Glory, Part 1: Liquid Fire
The Glory, Part 2: Ball of Fire
The Heart of a Warrior
The Journey of a Seeking Heart
The Latter Rain:
Holy Spirit's Release - A Vision
The Lord's Delight
The Lord's Kingdom Shepherds Are Arising!
"The People Need A Deliverer!"
Remembering Jill Austin
The Power of Blessing
The Power of Love
The Reigning Bride
The Return: "My Prodigals Want to Come Home"
The Revival of the Bride - A Vision
The Spirit of JEHU is Rising!
The Treasure Hunter
The Truth About Pastor Joel Osteen!
The Undeniable Arm of the Lord
is Coming to the Earth - A Vision
The War Against the Harvest
The Year of Restoration:
Recover, Uncover and Restore
There is Safety in Thanksgiving
They Almost Destroyed Her!
Thirty-One Kings
Unconditional Love
We are Entering the Days of God's Justice
Unveiling God's Mighty Weapons
Victory in the Hour of Darkness
Warriors of Truth
Who Is It You Are Looking For?
Women in Ministry: As It Is In Heaven
Yielded to Christ
You are the City of the King - His Glory Dwells in YOU!
You Create Your World!
Your Eternal Wells Are Overflowing!
Your Father says, "Come Child, I'm Waiting"
Your Father's Response To Your Cry For Help


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