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New Book by Victoria Boyson
Revolution: The White Horse Rider

REVOLUTION will take you on an epic ride where you will be captivated and enthralled as you continue to journey with Beloved as she and the prophetic host battle for the future of the church.


HIS ROBE: The Father's Beginning a
     Transformation of Ministries
Chapter 12 from Revolution: The White Horse Rider
Victoria Boyson

Transforming the skyline, the Father entered the atmosphere and filled the earth with Himself. Warm and inviting, He watched and waited for His children to come to Him. He wore a long and glorious light-filled robe, rays of light emanating from it as it bathed the landscape with His light and glory. 

Captivated by the Father's robe, Beloved discovered this was no ordinary garment - it was adorned and embellished with nothing less than human souls. Seemingly embroidered and woven into the fabric of the Father's glorious robe, He'd chosen to grace Himself in a raiment of the people He loved.

Like any good father would, He loved to show off His robe of treasure, as He called it. As He did, the Father slowly twirled around to reveal all the many people and ministries in it that reached all over the world declaring and sharing the glory of His kingdom.

Beloved loved watching as He danced to reveal the splendor of His prized garment. As the seekers worshiped and rejoiced in Him, His robe was made brighter even more so than before. As those He loved delighted in Him, the train of His glory fell well below His feet.

He chose to dress Himself in people, all people, from all nations - those who were found by Him and chose to live in Him. Radiantly, they beamed with His power flowing through them. They were, indeed, overjoyed to be a part of His precious garment.

Proud to reveal the people He loved and their breathtaking splendor, He beamed with joy and pride as He turned around and around, slow at first and then a bit faster. As He twirled, His robe of people swirled out from around Him and it increased and grew until it reached all over the globe.

His eternal-robe knocked down mountains and kingdoms of the earth, leveling any that had been made by man's design, which were raised to draw others to the temporal beauty of creation. It obliterated the idols of man, which He especially hated because they distracted the people from Him and kept them from receiving His love.

Around and around He turned, until the glory from His robe covered the earth and the earth glowed with His resplendence.

He stopped and turned His back toward Beloved and she watched as He manifested His robe like a mighty mountain. He wanted her to see the countless people trying in vane to climb the back of His robe to get to the top of the mountain, not realizing He was the mountain.

The soul-lined robe was simply unrecognizable to those whose only thoughts were manipulated by ambitions of self-grandeur. As they tried to climb the mountain of God's robe, they did not even see that the gems they were climbing on were actual human souls - their bothers and sisters in Christ.

Using the precious people within His robe to anchor and steady themselves for the climb, they pulled and stepped on them as though they were only rock. Climbing sometimes for years, these ambitious brothers and sisters used the humble, yet beautiful gem-souls as though they had no other value except for their usefulness to the climbers.

Of course, those ascending caused those they stepped on great pain, but, mysteriously, the Lord allowed it to happen. Pushing and clambering, the ambitious revealed their hearts to the Lord and as they did, He could see they were not yet ready to become a part of Him. He watched the climbers patiently as they damaged His beautiful robe, but He never lost heart. He waited patiently for them to become more desperate for Him.

However, focused only on the climb, living on Him, but not in Him, the ambitious often fell, especially when the Father gave a little shutter of His back, shaking many climbers loose. It was His mercy toward them as they tumbled back down to the bottom of His mountainous robe. It pleased Him to do it, because their focus was not what it should be - they were missing the joy He was offering them. And what a fall some of them had, for He was a tall mountain.

Only those souls who were embedded into His robe could withstand the movement of it. They were held secure, woven into the very fibers of His raiment. They seemed to even glisten with His joy as He shuffled His back to show Beloved that no one who climbs can stay, only those who choose to be a part of Him will endure.

Shining more brightly, those who dwelt in His robe radiated even brighter during these moments, and as they did, even those who'd fallen off while trying to climb watched them in wonder. For some of the climbers, it was the first time they'd considered the value of the gem-souls and it brought them much needed revelation of the Father's love.

Passing by all the vast wealth of treasure in His robe, the ambitious didn't see the value in souls and used them instead of cherishing them. Thoughtlessly climbing, they knew they were called, but didn't yet understand what true greatness was.

Beloved realized the Father didn't mind that they would climb on Him; He seemed to expect it. And when one climber would suddenly open His eyes and awaken to the reality of the robe-mountain, the entire robe would erupt with great joy. Radiating the light of their value, the gem-souls came alive when even just one climber saw their true worth.

What wealth lay in store for those who discovered the Father's treasured gems. Earlier, as they had been busy climbing, they had seen these individual souls as valueless, foolish people who did not matter. They saw them as less, because they were not as ambitious as they were and considered them lazy and undeserving because they lacked the ambition to climb.

However, after a fall, many began to see them differently. Beginning to understand, they saw the gems as true followers, because they did not use God to get higher, but chose to live in Him and to become a part of Him.

With newly contrite hearts, they could suddenly see the gem-souls as if they had just revealed themselves from all areas over His robe. However, it was the Father who revealed them to the previously ambitious climbers. Truly, although they'd been there all along, they were not visible to those climbing until they were humiliated by their fall.

Some, however, refused to acknowledge the gem-souls, choosing, instead, to harden their hearts, missing entirely the great treasure of the Father. The treasures of humility and meekness were disregarded by the vain, self-centered travelers, who even saw them as lesser Christians.

Beloved watched as they mocked them, seeing them as lazy, small and insecure. In shock, Beloved watched as the rebellious, finally seeing the gem-souls, dishonored them instead of seeing the value the Father put on them. Some even saw them as anti-Christians who got in God's way and in kicking them, felt they were serving God.

Beloved tried to make them hear her as she held tightly to the Lord for strength. "Can't you see? You are kicking God! He is the Robe! He is the Mountain! The gem-souls are HIM!" she cried out.

Turning to the Rider, she buried her face in Him! Moved by her tender heart, He explained, "This is the Father's choice; it's the ramifications of His merciful heart. He chooses to give them time to see. This period of mercy in the lives of the selfish is especially important to Him, for many have turned to Him even after years of blindness."

Returning her attention back to the Father's robe, Beloved began to understand the process mercy takes in a human soul and understood mercy never gives up.

For those climbers who were able to see them, the gem-souls, in turn, threw down ropes for the climbers to use. However the ropes did not lead up, but into the robe of God. In their humbled condition, the climbers were grateful to receive the help and did as they were told.

Grasping tightly to the mercy ropes, they held on as they were pulled in and out of the fibers of the robe. Although this was a long and tedious process, sometimes requiring years of patience for them, they were overjoyed to encounter the realms of the Father they had previously doubted existed.

Continually asked to submit to Father's leadership regardless of the cost, they chose to lay down what they'd previously deemed priceless. What they felt they could not live without had now become nothing in comparison to living in Him.

The Father's great mystery began to take shape as the climbers were woven in and out, shoved through the fibers of God's robe. Each time they endured His handy work, they were cleansed ever so much more by the fibers of His glory-robe. Without realizing it, the fibers of His robe were cleansing the dross from their souls, over and over again. Each time they experienced the immense and wondrous cleansing of their souls, they became like Him.

Sometimes, when they thought they had finally settled into place, they were suddenly moved again. Often in their journey, as they were tempted to give up, the fibers of His garment seemed to change and become much softer, more pliable and comfortable than before.

Lower and then higher, in and out, they were moved until, at last, they were fastened securely in Him. It was then they realized they too were one of the Father's treasured gem-souls, shiny and bright, glistening in the light of their Father's glory.

Contrite, cleansed and polished, they were securely fitted and nestled in the position the Father created for each of them, as though it had been made with them in mind. They were truly needed and were celebrated by the family of God's garment! They finally felt the belonging their soul yearned for.


As the Lord revealed the mystery of the Father to her, Beloved finally understood the secret of His woven masterpiece - His glorious mountainous robe He'd designed Himself - and she didn't want the moment to end. All the challenges she faced in her life, the times she'd felt abandoned by Him, suddenly made sense and she reveled in the joy of her Father's great love.

She was discovering the mysterious plan of our Father, to create a family from His fallen creation, was even more of a miracle of mercy than creation itself. Redeeming a fallen world is an even greater example of Who the Father is than throwing them away and starting afresh. Beloved realized that understanding the Father is truly comprehending the greatest mystery the world has ever known.

Still resting in Her Lord's arms, she felt the Rider breathe the secrets of her destiny into her spirit. More than ever before, she was excited and thrilled, for her future would, indeed, hold the answers to her heart's greatest joys. Her heart desperately longed to fight for those who were in most need of her help, and now she knew what she would do next.

She would return to the river of shame!

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